Venues selling your tickets and products

The Big Tix website provides a great opportunity to offer pre-sale tickets online to boost attendance at your venue or event.

Big Tix provides venues and promoters across Australia with an online ticket sales facility. Our website provides easy access for all your clientele to book and pay in advance for their tickets online.

Big Tix benefits include

  • Free service: No ongoing costs or charges
  • Online presence: Online ticket sales, with your venue having its own area within the Big Tix website
  • Payment flexibility: Tickets can be purchased via all major credit cards, direct deposit or cheque
  • Secure on-line processing: Big Tix use the Commonwealth Banks secure online payment system
  • Automated processing: All sales processing is completed by Big Tix, including enquiries regarding your event
  • Sales reporting: A detailed ticket sales report is available daily

By listing your event on it will become visible to a wider audience across the Hunter Region and will be accessible through google searches. This means there is an increased potential for cross promotion of your event and increased ticket sales. Big Tix currently regularly sells online tickets for venues throughout Newcastle, including, The University of Newcastle Union, The Cambridge Hotel, and The Northern Star Hotel.

Big Tix is a complete online solution that works for your business!

We would be delighted to talk to you and discuss your requirements further.