Selling your tickets or start your own store

You can sell tickets to your next show or event including merchandise via Big Tix's secure website. Link directly from your website to your events ticket or merchandise sales page that we will setup on our website.

Alternatively, if you do not currently have a website you can still promote ticket sales for your next show or event using the website address.

Big Tix prepares and emails all clients a sales report with complete details of all ticket or merchandise sales.

On the night of your show or event, your audience simply turn up at the door where their name and receipt number are cross-checked against their identification and their ticket purchase order that they print from the Big Tix website.

Big Tix can also supply either daily or weekly sales reports to keep you up to date on all sales.

For more information click these links Online Ticketing Services | Store Manager

Purchaser Fees and charges

As the ticket seller there is no charge for you to sell your tickets or merchandise on Nor is there an on-going cost. Your webmaster or whomever works on your website, simply adds a link to your page on to your website.

Purchaser / Booking fees

Big Tix understands that as a supplier you want the cheapest possible price for your customer. Our customer sales fee is a sliding scale based on the original ticket or merchandise price and includes all credit card fees where applicable.

Sales Settlement

The settlement of your funds occurs electronically into your nominated account within 3 working days after the event or show has been held.

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