Purchase, delivery and refunds

Online ticket purchases require no delivery.

Your ticket will be emailed to you after your order has been paid and your purchase completed.

If you have not received your ticket or can not access your email account then you can reprint your ticket from your account orders list.

Delivery of purchased items

Delivery will be made to the address entered in the shopping cart and purchase process.

To save costs ideally items will be delivered to your nominated work address. Please enter the complete address to ensure items can be delivered including depot name and building number.

Alternatively the items can be mailed to another address that you enter.

Please allow up to 5 days for items to be delivered in internal mail and 10 days for Australia Post mail.

Alternatively if you do not received the items as order then please email us in regards to the order detailing the order number and an other details relevant.

Refunds in extenuating circumstances

Products and Event Tickets are sold on a strict no refund or exchange basis. In addition other conditions may apply to the use of the items.

In the case of a cancelled event or product, you will be refunded the value of the purchase less the booking fee and /or refund transaction fee.

The right is reserved by the event organizer to vary the advertised program and to add, withdraw or substitute artists where necessary.

Online ticket availability for events

Tickets are normally available up until the nominated date and time detailed on the event unless sold out.

Please check with the venue for more details if you find that tickets are no longer on sale.

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